Since 1948
Hendor has been manufacturing corrosion resistant chemical pumps and filters since 1948, 70 years, which is longer than the majority of current suppliers. We manufacture and supply a wide range of high quality products to the General Metal Finishing-, PCB-, Connector- and Semi Conductor Industry.
Experience and know how
Serving the metal finishing industry, Hendor draws on a wealth of specific experience and a fund of practical know how from its home market and from around the world.
Hendor are renowned for high quality products moulded in-house in the Netherlands. All products are manufactured and assembled to ISO9001 standard.

Hendor has always been concerned with making reliable and user-friendly products. The success we have achieved gives us further motivation to introduce more innovative and market leading products.
As well as conventional filtration, Hendor is also able to offer filter systems for tin and oil filtration, traditionally difficult solutions to filter.
Standard or custombuilt
Hendor products are manufactured to very high standards. History has shown us that a standard product does not always offer the most effective solution to a specific application. That's why Hendor has specialized in offering tailor made combinations of pump and filter for such instances.
Ready to work for you
The continuous communication we enjoy with many users of Hendor products supports our extensive innovation program. This is certainly the essence of our strength. Hendor products are ready to work for you, just as we are!